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God’s Reach

... froze in fear; this was not the kind of fear one experiences when being asked to stand in front of a crowd; no, this was the deep, soul wrenching fear of knowing you have been wrong and are being called out for it. I broke down crying and couldn’t move.


Courage to Trust Through Life’s Storms

In moments of struggle, when things seem far too heavy to carry, what do you do? Life is full of struggles that shake us to our cores, and some of them are too much for us to handle.



It is easy to get angry and spiteful when someone shows no appreciation for the sacrifices you have made, the love you have shown, or the kindness you offer...

Addiction, Faith

As Death Comes

He stumbles through the door, slamming it behind him; cursing the world as his drink sloshes to the floor...


Scars, Lines, and Untold Stories: God’s Promises Overcome All

Today I looked in the mirror and saw a woman, scarred from the years of struggling with bi-polar depression and the pain of a life she had never planned for...


Finding True Love After Ten Years of Marriage

Newly forming relationships involve a range of spiked hormone and pheromone induced feelings of happiness and unbridled passion...when they discover that the person they thought they were in love with isn’t perfect...


Faith in Troubled Times

When we get lost in life's storms, and things seem their darkest, we tend to forget about a powerful "tool" that can help comfort us and guide us through the storm...


My Father, My God, My Lord

In these times of madness, I see my fellow man suffering greatly, and it is with love and hope that I fall upon my knees and pray...