Poetic Thoughts, Relationships

Letting Go of You

I don’t know where you are; I don’t know what you are going through. All I know is I am lost without my best friend, and my best friend is you.

It is for this reason I walk away, for I have learned you will only break my heart if I stay.

So here I am, letting you go to be who you need to be, but I hope you remember…if your lost, by your side, you will always find me.

Sometimes in this life we take different paths, or life throws us chaotic moments that distance us from those we love. Sometimes we hurt each other without ever meaning to, at times not knowing what we even did wrong. Sometimes…you have to let go, let them be free, but forgive, love, and be there when it is all said and done. Friendship isn’t about the times where you always agree, it is about getting though the bad as well, and still being able to love one another in spite of it all.


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