Poetic Thoughts

Within the Darkness


Lost in darkness, my mind trembled in fear that it would be discovered by the monsters hiding so near.
Ashamed of the past, afraid of what’s ahead, I retreated from my darkness in search of peace instead…
Running away, only to find…the monsters there waiting deep inside.
To push them away an impossible feat; one that is not done by the soft-hearted or the weak.
It has been many years spent within…with my darkness, my monsters, the beasts I now call friends.
We lived in the darkness and learned to survive, because alone we were caged, but to together we thrived.
The darkness and its monsters have not won; it is in them I am able to see the light above.
Hold me down they did try but with friendship came – discovering their weaknesses and my strengths were one and the same.
It was in my darkness that I learned how to stand, and the first time I was able to like who I am.


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