My Father, My God, My Lord


As I sit in the corner, I see the world go by with all its chaos and confusion, all the pain and sadness that lingers on the faces of the people around me. I look up at a girl coming in with red-eyes and tear stained cheeks, because she was just fighting with her partner on the phone; the girl in front of me, trying to stay focused on her tasks, but her mind keeps wandering to the thoughts of her sick mother at home; the man behind me, praying softly for a miracle to help him pay his bills; the mother across the room in groans of agony because she just found out her son committed suicide; the grandfather with his wrinkled brow trying not to show how worried he is that his child and grandchildren are losing their home; the wife; the sister; the mother; the father; the husband; the aunt; the uncle; the widow; the single man and woman…they don’t know I am here, they don’t know that I want so much to take all their pain; their worry; their heartbreak; their tears…I want so badly to take it all away.

Oh Father, Father I lift them all up to you. I cry to you Lord, heal their wounds. I beg you oh merciful God, soften their hearts and renew their spirits. Oh Father, Father how do I show them you are there; how do I let them know that they are not in this world alone; how do I lead them to the peace you offer in the chaos and pain that is in this world? Lord, heal my wounds so that I may endure to lead them; soften my heart and renew my spirit so that I may show them your love through me.

Lord, how great you are. Glorious God, thank you for keeping your promises, even in the darkness when we cannot see. Heavenly Father, you are forever the epitome of unconditional love, and blessed are we who know and follow you.

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