Faith in Troubled Times


Often times, we lose our way in life and begin to feel like everything is dark and bleak. These feelings are dreadful, and at times, agonizing to wade through…we begin to sink emotionally, like being trapped under water with life’s heavy chains weighing us down. Most of us, myself included, try to remedy this with things like food, partying, prescription drugs, sex, and the list goes on; at the end of it all though, we usually do not feel better, and often times we feel worse. We forget about the power of faith.

Faith is more than belief that God is, or that things will change. Yes, it is those things, but it is also a part of God. Faith is the part of Him that gives us strength to get through another storm, the calm deep inside that reminds us that we have not been forsaken…it is the the part of Him that embraces us with His warmth to tell us He loves us. It is also the joy that He gives us when it doesn’t seem possible to feel that way.

We are told to rest in Him, which means give Him our worries and let Him give us strength. We are told that He will never leave us nor forsake us, which means that we may go through some really bad times, but He will not leave our side while we go through it if we will just keep our eyes on Him. This is difficult to believe when we are going through things in life that have us beat down, but I say this…if you are already down and you are already hurting, what do you have to lose by looking to Him, reading His Word, talking to Him, and believing that Faith in Him will get you through your storm.

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